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Charles Dickens
Adaptated by Jo Clifford

Dickens’ most popular novel explores the unrequited love of a young boy who becomes a gentleman of means and moves to London. Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, Estella, cruelly breaks Pip’s heart – can he win her heart with his new-found wealth? But who is his mysterious benefactor?

Featuring some of the most famous characters in literature including the manipulative lawyer Jaggers, the terrifying convict Magwitch and a cast of bizarre, comic and asburd characters.

EUROBEAT - Moldova

Craig Christie & Andrew Patterson

An irreverent, hilarious, sequin-soaked celebration of the international phenomenon Eurovision Song Contest. This year’s honour falls to Moldova, a country determined to present a fantastic new glittering contest against all odds. Ten countries compete for the coveted title and you hold the power by voting live to determine the winner at each exhilarating, hi-energy performance. The evening is hosted by glamorous former KGB agent Katya Kokov, and the three time winner of Moldova’s Got Talent Nikolae Nikovsky. Both are desperate to make this a fabulous night to remember - no matter what it takes. The party just got bigger!


Tim Arthur

A library in a large house where a large party is taking place. Two of the guests are taking a break from the games - Alex Crowley, the famous gothic story writer, and Jack Langton, a young would-be author in the modern horror genre.

They battle out their individual art-form, with each story becoming more terrifying and darker than the last, but something sinister seems to link both the tales and the men… Gothic thriller with twists at every turn and a truly shocking ending.


Matthew Hurt
– Commission –

Who can you trust in the world’s most beautiful city during its darkest hour? Set in Paris during the Second World War, Piaf’s Magician explores the extraordinary relationship between two of France’s cultural icons, the filmmaker and artist Jean Cocteau and the legendary chanteuse Édith Piaf.

Survival in 1940’s Paris raises moral questions in an atmosphere of tension and fear, and both Piaf and Cocteau fight to have their voices heard whilst battling to protect their personal friendship, their friends and their city - all against a backdrop of terror. Featuring well known songs by Piaf including Je Ne Regrette Rien, La Vie En Rose and Hymn To Love.